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Pre-Order Your 2019 Yearbook!

It’s a beautiful hard cover fully coloured 40 page 8×6 horizontal book of memories of a lifetime <3

If you are interested in ordering a yearbook

Halloween Party 2019

Join us for our annual Halloween Party on Friday October 25th!! It will be an exciting evening of performances, amazing discounts & deals, snacks and MORE! Definitely not one to be missed!!

NEW THIS YEAR! We’re also running a clothing swap in the back room so it’s a great way to get some new pole gear without breaking the bank.

And…. Did we mention it’s also to celebrate our four year anniversary! That’s right October marks Redefine’s fourth year in business! So come on out and join us for an evening of exhilarating performances, fun pole play and more!

Breakdown of the Evening:

7:00PM-8:00PM: Pole Play & Clothing Swap
8:00PM-9:00PM: Performances
9:00PM+ : Pole Play & Clothing Swap

EVENT IS FREE! We are collecting donations for a local women’s shelter at the open house.


Please feel free to bring all types of clothes and accessories (pole/workout wear, jeans, dresses, jewelry, scarves, shoes, grip, leg warmers, etc.)

All items should be clean and in wearable condition (no obvious holes or stains).


  • We will lay all items out in the back room as best we can on tables
  • For every item you bring, you’ll receive a ticket. Each ticket can be used to “purchase” another item in the swap.
  • You will be given tape and a sheet to fill out so we know who donated/ brought the item to the swap
  • First come first serve – to ease the flow of traffic, as soon as you show up you will receive your tickets and be able to start “shopping”.
  • Anything left over you have the option to bring home or it will be donated to a shelter.

#Lifeisbetterupsidedown Tanks

FREE SHIPPING ON TANKS until August 31st ONLY! What better way to show case your love of being upside down? This tank reads right side up when you are UPSIDE DOWN! How much fun is that??

Use code: FREESHIP to get your favourite tank shipped out to you!

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